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Rescue the Problem Project as a College Textbook

Rescue the Problem Project is a practical guide to managing and running projects. It is the only book that focuses on people rather than process and highlights where many companies go wrong--leading with technology as a solution. This approach makes it invaluable as an instructor's tool to relay the experiential knowledge in managing people on projects. As the title implies, it extensively uses troubled projects to provide the practical experience required to improve a manager's chance of success. The lessons-learned examples apply far beyond the project and into practical leadership skills. Definition, auditing, and negotiation are skills that everyone needs. Rescue the Problem Project discusses these concepts in the context of project management and provides the experiential information for students to learn and retain the information.

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This text is an excellent resource that educates students by:

  1. Helping them understand the proper balance between applying process and leading people.
  2. Providing practicum through more than 70 snapshots of industrial experience.
  3. Comparing and contrasting multiple methodologies.

Rescue the Problem Project is organized in six parts:

Part 1, Realization: For businesses to improve, executives must realize there is an issue. These responsibilities, as well as some basic definitions, are discussed in these two chapters.

Part 2, Audit: Troubled projects require an audit. The same technique can be applied to any project or organization. When done properly, numerous improvements can be made based on the unique combination of people, constraints, and biases for the situation.

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Table of Contents
Sample Chapters

Part 3, Analyze: Developing the right plan requires determining root causes for problems and thoughtfully balancing capabilities, timeline, and scope. To ensure the right tools are being used for the job, a critical analysis of the methodology is also required.

Part 4, Negotiation: Every employee needs negotiation skills. "Yes" is the incorrect answer to nearly every request. Answers, in any well led company, are always give and take. Whether rescuing a project or starting a new initiative, negotiation skills help achieve an acceptable solution.

Part 5, Execution: Executing the well-planned recovered project is the easiest part. There are only a few problems which, when anticipated, can have proper mitigation in place.

Part 6, Prevention: Prevention is the ultimate goal. Although the first four sections of the book provide the lion's share of prevention techniques (through application of the concepts prior to project trouble) there are a few items--better supplier/customer integration, selecting the right team, implementing change management, and evaluating risk--that must be emphasized separately.

I trust this intriguing well-written text will meet your high standards for review. You may either fill out the publisher's application for an evaluation copy (http://bit.ly/RPPEval) or forward your name, address, telephone, department, and course to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will process your request.

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