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Praise for Rescue the Problem Project

Whether you are trying to prevent, identify, or recover a failing project, this book shows you how to analyze the interaction between people, process, and technology. Rescue the Problem Project is an insightful, comprehensive guide for recovering failing projects. The discussion of project methodologies offers a realistic look at the application of competing processes and highlights their strengths and weaknesses.

Jackie Barretta
Senior Vice President and CIO
Con-way, Inc.

Mr. Williams is a 25-year veteran in high-tech project recovery whose work we've seen first hand. Who better to address the acute business problem of high-tech project failure than someone who has been diagnosing and fixing this issue for years? Mr. Williams confronts this very real need head-on. Rather than an overly technical or theoretical how-to book, Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure, takes a very practical approach to the issue that doesn't gloss over what is often the key driver of success: people. Through the use of multiple case studies, the application of Mr. Williams' expertise becomes very tangible for any organization.

Dan McMillan
Vice President
Insurance Services Group
Standard Insurance Company

In today's business climate, where change is constant and time to market is measured in days, Rescue the Problem Project should be compulsory reading for anyone managing projects from the newly minted project manager to program veterans.

Todd has successfully distilled complex concepts into actions that are easily understood and executable at any stage of your project.

Martin Hanssmann
President and CEO
AltaStream Consulting

Rescue the Problem Project: A Complete Guide to Identifying, Preventing, and Recovering from Project Failure addresses what everyone on the team, from the CEO to the individual contributor, needs to know about recovering projects. This includes understanding the root causes to each problem that pulled the project into the red. Furthermore, it suggests actions to guide corporate change and create an agile and aggressive company.

Dick Albani
Vice President (retired)
TRW. Inc.

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